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Peter Knight – solo for trumpet, delays, tape and rice

January 29, 2017

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For more information about Peter’s recordings and gigs visit www.peterknightmusic.com

Allotrope is a solo project by multidisciplinary Melbourne- based composer, trumpeter and sound artist, Peter Knight. His first album under the Allotrope moniker was released in 2012 on Listen Hear Collective https://listenhearcollective.bandcamp.com/album/allotrope

“Hard to categorise… hauntingly memorable” The Wire (UK).  “Falling into an utterly genre-less wormhole” Cyclic Defrost. “If trumpet is an element then Knight is an alchemist” New York City Jazz Record.

Solo for Trumpet, Delays, Tape, and Rice, is from the new Allotrope album due out soon.

Australian trumpeter/composer/sound artist, Peter Knight, is a multidisciplinary musician who has gained wide acclaim for his distinctive approach, which integrates jazz, experimental, and world music traditions. Peter’s work as both performer and composer is regularly featured in a range of ensemble settings, he also composes for theatre, creates sound installations, and is the Artistic Director of one of Australia’s leading contemporary music ensembles, the Australian Art Orchestra (AAO).

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Andrea Keller – Fern Tree

April 22, 2013

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This video was shot in the studio at the moment of creation of the album

Family Portraits - Andrea Keller


Fern Tree comes from my new solo album Family Portraits. A collection of 11 solo piano pieces dedicated to my ancestors and loved ones. An aural family tree, created from a desire to preserve the little that is known for my future generations. The pieces capture the love, humour and sadness of a small and geographically disparate family.

Composed and performed by Andrea Keller on solo piano using the Boss RC50 loop station, Line 6 delay pedal and preparations. Family Portraits was created as part of Keller’s two-year Australia Council Fellowship program (2010-2012).

Four of the tracks were recorded live in concert at the Melbourne Recital Centre in the Salon on February 10, 2012. The remaining seven tracks were recorded at the same venue on June 18, 2012.

Recorded by Jim Atkins
Mixed by Jim Atkins & Joe Talia
Mastered by Philip Rex at Paper Mache Studio
Video by Leo Dale http://thirdeyevideos.com

“Her work is always lit brightly by the spark of originality.” Roger Mitchell, 2012.

“Pianist Andrea Keller is a major talent on the thriving Australian scene… Apart from being an outstanding piano player, Keller has the gift for writing totally distinctive and engaging compositions.” Bev Stapleton, AllAboutJazz.com, 2006.

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Guitar: using triads (Lucas Michailidis)

October 29, 2012


Guitarist Lucas Michailidis details his unique triadic approach to comping and improvisation. Included is a comprehensive guide to all triad inversions along with how these can be superimposed to generate a range of extended chords and alternative possibilities.

Click > HERE < to download a pdf of the lesson

Here’s some links to Lucas’ music

His website

and also this is a link to all his music on iTunes
Lucas Michailidis

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Flute meditation – Armando Ornano

October 10, 2012

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Armando Ornano improvising on Raga Marwa, which is played in the twilight hours during sunset. The mood of this raga is melancholy, reflection and deep calm. Armando has been studying North Indian classical music since 1993 with the late Pandit Sreekant Misra from Benares on Pakawaji (drum) and with Harsh Wardhan from Delhi Bansuri (indian flute). Recorded by Leo Dale at Third Eye studios in September 2012.

This soundtrack is on iTunes
Flute Meditation: Dusk - Single - Shanti Mandir & Armando Ornano

Visit Armando at myspace here

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Guitar: double your chords (Doug de Vries)

September 28, 2012

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Doug de Vries gives a lesson on how to doubble your chord output when playing jazz on the guitar. Using the standard “All the things you are” he quickly demonstrates how to add interest and contrast to your accompaniment using this simple technique.

Click > HERE < to download a pdf of this lesson

Have a listen to Doug’s music on iTunes
Doug de Vries


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Sax: tuning the registers (Leo Dale)

August 24, 2012


Leo gives a sax lesson on how to keep the various registers of the sax in tune. Using the interval of the 6th and some handy tips he picked up from studying J. S. Bach’s cello suites.

Click > HERE < to download a pdf of the lesson

Listen to Leo’s music here
Zebra Crossing - Zebra Crossing - On Safari

ZEBRA CROSSING: Zebra Crossing

Leo’s website

And then there’s all the Oxo Cubans albums on iTunes

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Howard Cairns and Adam Simmons

August 20, 2012

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Bassist Howard Cairns together with Adam Simmons playing – Slowly Disappearing – from the album Compression. The album was recorded live at the Kelvin club with his Quintet and is available on iTunes. The videos were shot back at the same venue during the album launch.
Compression - Howard Cairns

Howard Cairns on Facebook

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Sax: stratospheric sax gliss (Dean Hilson)

August 18, 2012


Dean explains how to slide effortlessly into the altissimo register of the sax in one long continuously ascending note.
Click > HERE < to download a pdf of the lesson

Listen to Dean’s music here

The Pearly Shells

Zydeco Jump

The Vanguards

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Guitar: walking bass (Tim Nikolsky)

August 1, 2012


Tim Nikolsky demonstrates how to do Walking Basslines on Guitar. Tim has been performing with the vocalist Margot Leighton for the past 13 years and has developed a unique style of playing in this musical duo incorporating the whole rhythm section on guitar. The technique of walking bass on guitar is also a great way to accompany other instrumentalists and soloists. Here he demonstrates the secrets of good accompanying on guitar; and breaks down his approach to walking basslines on guitar – step by step.

Click HERE to download a pdf of the lesson

Visit Tim online here

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