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Peter Knight

July 3, 2012

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Fish Boast of Fishing - Peter Knight

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Helen Mountfort – solo cello

July 2, 2012


Helen Mountfort performs Soliloquy a solo ‘cello piece originally written and performed in Swift, a dance piece devised and performed with dancer Ros Warby and designer Margie Medlin. Soliloquy is inspired by and pays homage to the music of extraordinary Armenian composer and duduk player Djivan Gasparyan. Helen writes music for film, dance and theatre and composes and performs with three Melbourne bands.

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My Friend the Chocolate Cake
Fine Blue Thread
Cosmo Cosmolino

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Pianist Colin Hopkins lyrically ruminates on the Cosmic Joke…

February 24, 2012

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Catch pianist Colin Hopkins at home where he uses all his improvisatory skills in an attempt to revive the wooden man – his only remaining audience member (besides the dog) – and finds the job a little more challenging than he first anticipated! Never the less, this unusual, spontaneous and yet surprisingly melodic journey remains worthy of a listen by those of us still living…

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Julia Messenger sings Telepathy

February 18, 2012


Julia Messenger sings Telepathy in her studio in Melbourne accompanied on piano by Mark Fitzgibbon. This is an acoustic version of the song that appears on her album “Productions & Collaborations”. Downtempo and Jazzy. She connects telepathically with her lover to find out he’s with someone else – but she doesn’t care.

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Telepathy is also available on iTunes
Telepathy - Productions & Collaborations

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Lamine Sonko sings Lambj

May 21, 2011

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Lamine Sonko singing about the Senegalese traditional wrestling game. The names in the song are the big wrestling champions in Senegal. Pape Moussa Sonko (Lamine’s brother) is mentioned in the song, he is a wrestler and also a very famous dancer.

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Fiona Roake sings How to Sail

May 13, 2011


Fiona Roake made the trip across the Tasman from New Zealand to Australia in the mid 90s to study theatre. In this song she combines her lifelong love of music and spoken word to capture the feeling of losing your motherland when you call a new place home.

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Mikelangelo sings The Masquerade

May 5, 2011

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Life is a masquerade my dear, would you like to come to the ball?

Mikelangelo has spent many years touring the globe with his acclaimed Kabaret Noir ensemble The Black Sea Gentlemen and with Olivier award winning contemporary circus/vaudeville show La Clique. He now lives in Melbourne, where he continues to work solo and with the Black Sea Gentlemen. He also fronts Surf ‘n’ Western rock ’n’ roll band Mikelangelo and the Tin Star, and performs his love songs and lullabies with sultry songbird Saint Clare and underground legend JP Shilo.

Mikelangelo and the Black Sea gentlemen
Mikelangelo’s grooming blog
Mikelangelo and Saint Clare
The Tinstar

And have a listen to the music on iTunes
Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen

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David Bridie – The Centre Cannot Hold

April 12, 2011


David Bridie sings The Centre Cannot Hold from the Fiasco album by My Friend the Chocolate Cake.

David says of this song –
From the W B yeats poem..”things fall apart, the centre cannot hold”..a war reflection..pretty simple tune, just blocked piano and droning strings … listened to Robert Wyatt’s “stalingrad” off “nothing can stop us” and then saw a doco set in Kabul in the winter time during the current war .. the parallel struck me…. there’s lighter songs on the album, this aint one of them:)

My Friend the Chocolate Cake

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My Friend The Chocolate Cake

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Invention in Time

March 31, 2011

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Kate and Adam and Ariel Valent, together known as Invention in Time, perform Fast Giraffe from their latest CD Falling by Design. Played on marimba (wooden) and vibraphone (metal) this piece is one of the duo’s more jazzy, up-beat original compositions.

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Falling By Design - Invention In Time

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