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Peace and Quiet – Leo Dale and Vinod Prasanna

January 31, 2017

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Leo Dale (harmonic OM) and Vinod Prasanna (bansuri) live in concert at Dharma Circle

Buy the full 40 minute album Peace and Quiet on iTunes

Read more about this act here

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Sexteto Zona Sul

December 18, 2012

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Drawing on the rich repertoire of Brazilian Choro, Sexteto Zona Sul is a Melbourne combo put together by Doug de Vries, a leading exponent of this mostly instrumental music. Featuring classic compositions by Jacob do Bandolim, Pixinguinha and new original works in an ever expanding genre that combines polka and samba with virtuosity and ingenuity.

Doug de Vries – mandolin
Asha Henfry – flute
Adam May – cavaquinho
Ken Murray – guitar
Julian Scheffer – 7 – string guitar
Al Kerr – pandeiro

Genre – Choro

Visit Doug’s website for more info

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Howard Cairns and Adam Simmons

August 20, 2012

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Bassist Howard Cairns together with Adam Simmons playing – Slowly Disappearing – from the album Compression. The album was recorded live at the Kelvin club with his Quintet and is available on iTunes. The videos were shot back at the same venue during the album launch.
Compression - Howard Cairns

Howard Cairns on Facebook

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Anning Browne Hannaford trio

June 25, 2011

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Mark Hannaford piano, Sam Anning double bass and Allan Browne drums playing
‘Darn that dream’ at Bennetts Lane jazz Club

Check out their latest CD
Shreveport Stomp

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2011 Melbourne Fringe Jazz Festival APRA Commission Concert – Inform

June 2, 2011

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Fran Swinn’s composition – Inform – for Jazz quartet and acrobat, featuring Eugene Ball – trumpet, Fran Swinn – guitar, Tamara Murphy – double bass, Ben Hendry – drums and Rockie Stone – acrobatics/aerials. Inform is a collection of short pieces written with the rhythm and form of the various circus apparatus in mind and performed with a focus on interaction and improvisation, thus creating an ensemble of five. This clip is of the final chair stack with drummer Ben Hendry assisting. Sound recording by Myles Mumford. Video by Leo Dale.

Fran Swinn trio album available here
Fran Swinn on myspace
Every Dog - Fran Swinn Trio
Rockie Stone’s website
Tamara Murphy’s website

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Paul Williamson at Mario’s Cafe 25th BD

April 29, 2011


Marios Cafe marked 25 years of serving the arts community last night with an all star band in front of a large crowd at the Fitzroy Town Hall. I’ve posted this short clip of Paul Williamson blowing all the cobwebs away. Have a look at his very popular sax lesson for Digital Pill here

Thanks to the two Marios for an incredible gig and all of their support for live music over many many years. You can visit their new website here

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Tinpan Orange performing – Saudades

December 18, 2010

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Tinpan Orange performing “Saudades” at the Quiet Music Festival 2010. Emily Lubitz – vocal and guitar, Jesse Lubitz- guitar and Alex Burkoy – violin with Harry Angus on keyboard (off camera)

You can visit their website

and buy this song on iTunes
Saudades - The Bottom of the Lake

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Fine Blue Thread – Quiet Music Festival

June 28, 2010

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Grounded in the traditions of Indian, Javanese and Western classical music Fine Blue Thread are Ria Soemardjo – Voice, Sam Evans – Tabla, Helen Mountfort – Cello. Here they are playing at the Quiet Music Festival

Vist them online
Their website

Buy their CD


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Leo Dale, alto flute – Quiet Music Festival

May 12, 2010

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Leo Dale – playing solo alto flute in the Musing Studio, where the public draw the musician, at the Quiet Music Festival. Its a free improvisation in an Indian classical / jazz fusion style. The scale used is G lydian ( like G major scale with a raised 4th C# ) In a post modern twist, he is using a digital tamboura from an iphone app that he bought. The alto flute is part of the flute family, a lower larger version of the soprano flute or orchestral flute (commonly known as “the flute”) The alto flute often features in nature documentaries.

Read about the Quiet Music Festival here

More alto flute from Leo’s releases

Louie Prez - Scam - Domino Snake
Domino Snake by Louie Prez

Zebra Crossing - Zebra Crossing - Big Game
Big Game by Zebra Crossing

Valanga Khoza and Leo Dale - Driving Music - Nsati
Nsati by Valanga Khoza and Leo Dale

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