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Songwriting: lyrics and poetry (Joe Dolce)

September 14, 2009


Joe Dolce uses several examples to make the distinction between poetry and lyrics and demonstrates how this understanding is important for songwriting.

” One of the country’s premier songwriters.” RHYTHMS MAGAZINE

” . . . the Ohio-born Dolce is one hell of a bluesman. . . . [the] guitar work is deceptively complex, weaving in and out of lyrical matter that is often a ball of complexity itself . .” Mike Wafer, XPRESS MAGAZINE

Joe wrote, produced and performed, ‘SHADDAP YOU FACE,’ Number One Hit in 15 countries, which holds the ongoing record for the most successful single in Australian music history for over 29 years straight, (breaking Slim Dusty’s legendary 22 year longevity record for ‘The Pub With No Beer!) Over 40 international cover versions in 12 languages including an aboriginal dialect and Papua New Guinean ‘pidgin’.

Visit him online for info about his recordings, gigs and songwriting workshops

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