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Ken Murray demonstrates Tremolo technique

January 31, 2017

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Ken Murray demonstrates Tremolo technique for Altamira Guitars
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Click > HERE < to download a pdf of the lesson

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Ken Murray – Waltz in Em

October 27, 2016

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A masterclass by Dr. Ken Murray on “Waltz in Em” by Calatayud, a beginner level Spanish piece which is part of the AMEB Classical Guitar syllabus (Grade 2 List C).

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Produced at Wefo Studios by Leo Dale

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Afro Lankan drumming

October 6, 2015

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This is an example of an original rhythm from the Afro Lankan Drumming System.This video is an edited version of how Ray and Kanchana teach participants of the Afrolankan Drumming Study tours to Sri Lanka. Ray demonstrates some of the individual parts and a split screen plays all the parts together.Contact Ray for access to the full version and for more information on the Afro Lankan Study tours.

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Link Youtube clip to the iTunes song

June 14, 2014

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Did you know that you can also create a GRAPHIC link that shows up in the corner of a Youtube video and when you click it, it will take you straight to the song on iTunes?

Play the video to test the theory
and see below the video for the how to . . .

0. Read this
1. Verify your account
2. Add annotation – the “note variety” work best for me
3. When adding the annotation, click the link box and type in the direct link to your song which you can find using this link –

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Sax on a stick

March 6, 2014

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Leo Dale shares his idea for supporting the weight of the baritone sax. This idea is also suitable for other saxophones and is very cheap to implement. His first Sax on a Stick cost nothing and the current version cost him $2.50

Leo’s website

Have a listen to Leo playing baritone on the Zebra Crossing track – ON SAFARI

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Guitar: using triads (Lucas Michailidis)

October 29, 2012


Guitarist Lucas Michailidis details his unique triadic approach to comping and improvisation. Included is a comprehensive guide to all triad inversions along with how these can be superimposed to generate a range of extended chords and alternative possibilities.

Click > HERE < to download a pdf of the lesson

Here’s some links to Lucas’ music

His website

and also this is a link to all his music on iTunes
Lucas Michailidis

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Guitar: double your chords (Doug de Vries)

September 28, 2012

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Doug de Vries gives a lesson on how to doubble your chord output when playing jazz on the guitar. Using the standard “All the things you are” he quickly demonstrates how to add interest and contrast to your accompaniment using this simple technique.

Click > HERE < to download a pdf of this lesson

Have a listen to Doug’s music on iTunes
Doug de Vries


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Sax: tuning the registers (Leo Dale)

August 24, 2012


Leo gives a sax lesson on how to keep the various registers of the sax in tune. Using the interval of the 6th and some handy tips he picked up from studying J. S. Bach’s cello suites.

Click > HERE < to download a pdf of the lesson

Listen to Leo’s music here
Zebra Crossing - Zebra Crossing - On Safari

ZEBRA CROSSING: Zebra Crossing

Leo’s website

And then there’s all the Oxo Cubans albums on iTunes

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Sax: stratospheric sax gliss (Dean Hilson)

August 18, 2012


Dean explains how to slide effortlessly into the altissimo register of the sax in one long continuously ascending note.
Click > HERE < to download a pdf of the lesson

Listen to Dean’s music here

The Pearly Shells

Zydeco Jump

The Vanguards

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