Guitar: using triads (Lucas Michailidis)

October 29, 2012

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Guitarist Lucas Michailidis details his unique triadic approach to comping and improvisation. Included is a comprehensive guide to all triad inversions along with how these can be superimposed to generate a range of extended chords and alternative possibilities.

Click > HERE < to download a pdf of the lesson

Here’s some links to Lucas’ music

His website

and also this is a link to all his music on iTunes
Lucas Michailidis

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2 Responses to “Guitar: using triads (Lucas Michailidis)”

  1. Glenn Thompson Says:

    Thanks. I’ve worked with triads a fair bit. Using them as chords, chord extensions,polychords etc. I like the straight ahead, go to it approach you start with. You can be sure that I’ll share this lesson. It’s always good to confirm ideas and approaches to making music.
    Thanks again.

    Glenn from Montreal

  2. ifdsgtrculdtalk Says:

    grt wrk man i like the whole stuffs listed here in digitallpill
    u guys are grt,keep goin on guys